Manufacturers of Coin-Operated High Performance Air-Water and Vacuum Systems.

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TPI offers a full line of air-water and vacuum systems.

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  • Air-Water Equipment

    TPI offers air/water dispensing equipment in a variety of configurations.

  • Vacuum Equipment

    Our full range of high capacity vacuum systems are the industry standard.

  • Security Systems

    TPI offers several security system configurations to address individual market needs

High Performance Air-Water & Vacuum Systems

TPI is a leading manufacturer of quality fabricated sheet metal products headquartered in the DFW Metroplex. We have the capability to design, develop, and customize all types of metal including steel, copper, stainless and aluminum parts.

Our goal is to always produce a final product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

TPI currently manufactures air and water vending equipment, ATM security kiosks, stainless vacuums, payphone enclosures and pedestals, inmate equipment, laundromat security products as well as computer rack mount equipment. We are also available as an outsource supplier and manufacturer for sheet metal fabrication for all types of products.

TPI manufactures a full line of Coin Operated Air-Water Machines and Air-Vacuum Machines. TPI has been an established supplier in the Air Machine Manufacturing Business for over 10 years.

The TPI Air Machine has the strongest cabinet on the market. Our stainless steel cabinet is manufactured with a double locking system on the door and is equipped with a hinge protector on the left side to prevent the door hinge from being compromised. Our powder coated cabinets are manufactured to the same strict standards as our stainless steel cabinets and are available in a variety of colors. The stainless steel cabinet offers a longer field life compared to the powder coated steel cabinet.

Our Cabinets and Cannisters are able to be mounted on a powder coated or stainless standard pedestal, powder coated or stainless reel base, concrete enforced vault pedestal or a concrete block. Our products are treated with rust inhibitors and covers to protect the material and mounting holes. This makes our units very secure and superior to other offerings in the industry. All units meet ADA requirements.

TPI offers a variety of air compressors to meet your requirements. Units are available with or without water, security and timers. We manufacture our own Coin Mechanism that limits coin jams and service problems. Most machines use a plastic mechanism creating possible service problems. TPI machines come standard with 3/8” steel reinforced hoses ( not optional or extra like most competitors), a 90 PSI air gauge and whip.

TPI offers the most reliable Vacuum Equipment for tough operating conditions associated with car washes and service stations. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, our units are made to stand up to your requirements.

TPI also offers Stand Alone Coin Vaults secured in Concrete to adapt to any existing machines and will help prevent vandalism and theft.

All TPI machines meet ETL Standards.

Why TPI?

As the leading vendor of air-water and vacuum equipment to the service station and car wash industries, TPI offers advantages that no other vendor can match:

  • Most reliable equipment available to the market! Less maintenance = more profits for you!
  • Easy Installation – units come ready to install, pre-set and tested.
  • Convenient and Easy Maintenance – better up-time.
  • More Horsepower – less customer complaints.
  • Extra Security – less vandalism.

In addition, TPI offers you a variety of plans to acquire the equipment you need!

  • Own and self-service
  • Monthly payments
  • Lease programs
  • Co-op Programs – Let us setup and service the equipment while sharing profits

TPI cares about your success! We will work with you on a plan to increase your customer services while earning additional revenue.

Give us a call us to discuss your options!